Can I get a loan without equity?

Do you want to take out a loan but have no equity? Larger loans such as mortgages are very difficult to get without anything in equity, but when it comes to smaller loans such as a car loan or a consumer loan can be fully possible to get without having equity.

In recent years, banks have tightened their rules

bank loan application

A mortgage is usually a fairly large loan, so it will be too great a risk for the bank to give you this completely without equity. You can try contacting your local bank about this and it is clearly an advantage if you are already a customer with them. Just be aware that even if you have been a loyal customer of those for a number of years, there is no guarantee that they will give you a mortgage without equity.

In many cities, there are several lenders, so you can try to apply for more loans to see if you get a grant. We recommend that you arrange a meeting with a case manager at these banks, in order to apply for a mortgage on the net without any equity will in almost all cases give off.

Include all necessary papers and preferably a budget with an overview of income and expenses.

This may show that you are actually managing a mortgage


If you apply to a bank that you are not already a customer with, you should include the paychecks for the last few months, so that you have proof that you have a fixed income. It will be an advantage for you if you have been employed for a long time and have good prospects in the company.

It can be very smart of you to check several different loan providers and what interest rate they can offer.

This can save you a lot of money

save money

Should you get rejected from everyone there is only one thing to do, start saving. If you are in the age group that can create a BSU account, you should certainly do so. Create a budget to see how much you can save each month. And save more the months you have money to spare. Most banks like saving, it shows that you are willing to pay and forward-looking.