August 8, 2022

CBD or Cannabidiol is an excellent ingredient and integral component of cannabis. It is a medical derivative and has several benefits over the narcotic counterpart, marijuana. CBD lately is prescribed for anxiety disorders too. The best part about the drug is, it does not take you high at all. There is not even single evidence of public health problems by using CBD in humans.

CBD – A nature’s gift to treat the cruelest of sicknesses   

When the medical world was perplexed in treating some of the complex diseases, CBD came in for help. The usage of CBD oil has incredible results in the medical industry. It is widely used to treat the most dangerous childhood syndromes. Especially the childhood epilepsy is treated and cured completely by using CBD oil.

This is just an example, CBD has many health benefits and that has made a few governments allow it with limit and dosage restrictions.

You must know, how much you must take every time you use aceite CBD Colombia. JustCBD offers a wide variety of products that helps you calm and relax. With a range of products in place, it is a hub of medical derivatives that uses CBD.

Flexible ways to use CBD Oil

Before getting onto knowing how much to intake, it is wise to understand the different ways to consume CBD.

  • Smoking – This is the quickest way to set the signals to the bloodstream.
  • Vaping – This is yet another way, similar to smoking
  • Sublingual Absorption – This is done using oil which is very concentrated. Few drops of the oil are kept under the tongue and then swallowed.
  • Chocolates and Drinks – of courses Cannabidiol comes in consuming packages too. It gets into your digestive system and starts functioning.
  • Lotions, Creams, and Bath balms – This offers complete body relaxation.

The way you want the CBD to work on your body, the method to consume it shall determine the same.

Dosage as a First Timer

It is indeed difficult to measure the quantity if you are smoking or vaping. As such, you must know the quantity in milligrams. Though the right amount cannot be determined in this case, the ‘happy feeling’ while you inhale the CBD helps you understand the quantity.

As such, CBD isolate or CBD full spectrum are the others you might use. CBD isolate is the purest form of Cannabidiol and the dosages for the same are mentioned below if you are a first-timer. It is also suggested for others to follow the same dosage.

CBD Isolate Dosage information

  • Day 1 – 25mg
  • Day 2 – 25mg – Suggested to reduce it to 10mg if the effects are strong
  • Day 3 – Continue as Day 2
  • Day 4 – You can increase the dosage from 25mg to 35 or even 50mg. This is done if the desired result is not reached in the past three days.
  • Day 5 – Follow Day 4, if the effect is strong, then reduce or continue the dosage to 25mg.

If you are using any CBD full-spectrum products then begin with 5mg for the first 2 days. Improve the quantity by 5mg after every two days. Please do not consume more than 50mg too.


It is relatively difficult to understand the right dosage. But the good news for you is, any human can withstand CBD well. So, at any point in time, you feel the effects are strong, you can reduce the dosage from the next day, simple as that.