August 8, 2022

The emerging of social media has changed the whole scenario of internet marketing. Social media, and primarily Facebook, is ubiquitous. The overarching reach of Facebook having 2 billion users, makes it an optimal source of marketing your brand. Facebook is not only powerful but is also a very cost and time-effective way of marketing.

The cost of running a Facebook Ads campaign is much lower than running similar campaigns on other platforms like Google. Facebook also offers an array of easy customizations on the Ads which are easy to make. In addition to that, Facebook has a high amount of user data, that lets you filter down the approach in Ads. However, Facebook Ads too can get tricky sometimes.

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Latest Trends of Facebook Ads in 2021 to Maximise Your Returns- 

1- Customize the Ads – the ads which you post on Facebook must be very similar in appearance to the normal news feed, yet they must be authentic so that they stand out from the crowd and people actually stop scrolling and read what you have to say. Basically, your ads must be subtle in conveying the idea.

The customer must not feel like being bombarded with the information. All the images, texts, etc which you use must be relevant and to the point.

2- Don’t be a stickler with Grammar- It is important that you analyse the audience of your ads. People are more comfortable in reading content that is more in line with their jargon. If you are targeting an audience in the age bracket of 18-30, a relaxed and cool jargon will be well suited to deliver the message.

This way, you must first analyse the audience and then choose the most optimal mode of placing your message on the table. You must always be mindful of the fact that, unlike LinkedIn, Facebook is a casual app and people come here to have fun.

3- Accommodate Short videos in the Ads- Marketing on the Internet is shifting towards videos, this has been stated a thousand times, and it’s worth repeating thousand times over. While making these videos, you must have two factors in mind:

  1. Size of the videos- the videos must be crisp and small. All the relevant content can neatly be packed in a 30-sec video that precisely delivers the message.
  2. Don’t fuss about the quality of the video since Facebook is a casual platform, the production quality of your videos is least relevant. A decent video shot from your phone too can deliver excellent results if it offers high-value content.

4- Incorporate Causal Imagery- Static images grab the attention of the customers. It is imperative that for the success of your Ad campaign, you incorporate relevant static images in your Ads. The casual nature of Facebook plays role here as well. It is not essential that you post studio-quality images. Simple images via smartphones will deliver equally.

5- Experiment with multiple Ad Copy lengths- there is no magical number of characters in Facebook which promises to deliver the most optimum results. That is why you must always be experimenting with the length of Ads to get a hang of what works out the best for your audience.

6- Experiment by using Emojis and Reel-like content- Emojis can have a huge impact on the Ads. Reiterating the fact that Facebook is a casual platform, people give a lot of weightages to emojis these days. Emojis are also an awesome way of making your content fun, easy to read, and more attractive.

Incorporating Reel-like content is also a worthwhile experiment. These are small, attractive videos that are fun and addictive to watch. You must be able to capitalize on them since they have a promising future.


The trends of Facebook advertising are dynamic. To stay a few steps ahead of the competitors, you must always be abreast of the latest trends and ways to capitalize on them to get maximum ROI.