Many companies use a branded bag, which can help them to promote their brands too. They may use such branded bags as promotional giveaways, retail offerings, trade show talking pieces, or event tokens.

The most impactful custom shopping bags offered by Custom Earth Promos can easily grab attention, and are a handy practical item that one can use repeatedly, and are often used as an effective marketing tool.

However, we also are aware that it is a daunting task to get started. Therefore, in this post, we want to share a few do’s and don’ts while creating any stunning branded bag when you are doing your next campaign.


  1. Create a usable bag having a high perceived value

Whatever bag that you select must be quite functional and also should not look too cheap an item. Those who receive these bags must be proud to own such bags and also find their proper utilization in their day-to-day lives.

If you are planning to use such branded bags in a certain trade show as a giveaway then you must understand that most of the top executives of any company will visit you.

2. Incorporate the branded bag into your complete strategy

While using such branded bags for your marketing campaign it is also necessary to consider whether such bags will be in sync with your product or services. If they are not then the very purpose of using such a giveaway will be defeated.

Make sure that these bags can complement the story that you are going to tell about your company or a product while making a marketing campaign.

3. Focus on ROI

You must consider the following few questions:

  • Is your bag marketable? Can it greatly entice all your target customers?
  • Will your bag be quite profitable for your business by looking at the price that you will pay for such bags?
  • Whether your bag exclusive? How can you make it stand out from all the others?
  • Whether your bag is of high quality?

You must get an affirmative answer to all these questions.


  1. Limit yourself

While you must be interested to engage all your core audience, but don’t limit yourself, as your bag must appeal to all your audience, you should not offer such bags that many may find them that they are wrong size, design, color, or cost.

You may rather create a few collections of such bags so that your receiver can also make choices and find one that is appropriate for them.

2. Forget to ask a few right questions

While buying such bags from the supplier, you must not forget to ask the following few questions:

  • Whether there is any minimum order quantity?
  • Whether can you offer design assistance?
  • Do I have any options for custom design features and types of materials?
  • What will happen if I am not too happy with your final product?
  • Will you replace them if any defective bags are found?

Your marketing campaign will be more successful if you consider the above dos and don’ts.