September 26, 2022

According to a recent survey, around 70% of women living in this world are wearing incorrect bra size. Besides, wearing the wrong bra size can cause chest, spine, neck and shoulder pain. It might also cause headache in some cases. Are you wondering how could such a small garment cause severe pain? However, the fact is, your bra can cause pain in the whole body if you wear incorrect size. Smoking also has a connection with back pain. Before you come to a conclusion, check all the possibilities.

How to know whether your bra fits correctly?

  • The straps of your bra should not be digging into your skin. This does not mean that the straps have to be loose. Imagine how it would be if your straps slip! It will be very embarrassing right. Hence, make sure that you choose proper fit always. If the straps are very tight, the whole pressure might fall on your shoulders, and these results in pain in neck and spine.
  • The under band should fit around your ribcage perfectly. It must not move or slide with activity. If you observe that it slides with movement then it means that you are using incorrect size.
  • Your breasts should fit perfectly in your bra cups. If you observe your breasts coming out of the cups then it looks very awkward. It will also make you feel very uncomfortable. This generally happens when you choose incorrect bra size.

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Bras and Fabrics

Bras are generally available in different fabrics and they are silk, cotton, wool, polyester etc. Out of them the most affordable options are cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester. Cotton and woollen bras are a great choice for summer, due to their quick absorbent quality. In fact, they will keep you comfortable in summer. If you are planning to attend a party then try the silk bras, because they can change the whole game.

What are the different types of bras?

Bras are available in different types. Check the following to know what they are!

  • Wired
  • Padded
  • Non-wired
  • Non-padded
  • Demi Coverage
  • Full Coverage

Bra Styles – Neckline Shape

  • Front Closure Bra
  • Plunge
  • Sweetheart Neckline
  • Bralette
  • T-shirt Bras
  • Push-up bras

Colour Choice

A lot of women are afraid of trying the multi-coloured bras, thinking that they would look different and awkward. However, understand that they don’t make you look awkward. If you want to up your fashion game, then do try the multi coloured and floral bras. There is nothing wrong in trying the bright colours under your transparent tops. Ensure that the colour you choose goes well with your transparent tops.