December 4, 2022

Because so many guests book their accommodations online vacation homes of Key West, must learn how to take professional images in order to appropriately portray their home and the service they provide.

Vacation property photos are just as crucial as ad descriptions and may make or break future booking possibilities. They are the most fundamental aspects to convince visitors that your house is perfect for them, which is why you must spend the time and money required to go above and beyond.

We always advise hiring a vacation rental photographer to shoot your home. While the cost may be significant at first, the increase in bookings will quickly offset the investment.

We’ve produced a free vacation rental photography guide to assist you. Before you know it, your listing and vacation rental website will be top-notch, and you’ll be inundated with new customers.

Tips for taking the best vacation home photos

Say goodbye to grainy, over-exposed, and uninteresting vacation rental pictures! With these pointers, you can stay ahead of the game:

1. Begin with cleaning

First and foremost, you must thoroughly clean your home before taking any photographs. This involves cleaning all surfaces, floors, and kitchen equipment, as well as changing towels and bedsheets. Everything, including framed artwork and drapes, should be straightened and unbroken.

2. Make use of a digital camera with a high resolution

When photographing your property or properties, it is recommended to utilize a high-quality, high-definition camera. This will prevent pixelated photographs from appearing on your vacation rental website or other OTAs.

To prevent fuzzy photographs, use a tripod and experiment with various camera settings for the best results.

High-resolution cameras include particular settings that allow you to photograph inside, such as shutter speed and aperture, which allow you to alter the illumination immediately. Furthermore, these cameras contain optical zoom lenses that are very simple to operate.

3. Experiment with various angles

Guests want to know precisely where they will be staying, therefore you must demonstrate to them that your house is as nice as you claim. You can highlight everything in your property by shooting many shots of the same space from various perspectives.

4. Make the most of lighting

Make use of lighting to ensure that your images are not just professional but also brilliant. Open the curtains and turn on all of the lights to do this. Check that the lighting in the rooms is equal and constant. Take images throughout the day with natural light for the best effects.

If you have fairy lights in one of your rooms, wait until it becomes dark, then switch off all the lights and capture the shot with just the fairy lights on. It will give your property a pleasant and enchanting appearance.

5. Be patient and wait for ideal weather conditions

In addition to utilizing natural light while taking images, it’s best to wait for ideal weather before getting started. The atmosphere will not appeal to prospective visitors if it is dreary, wet, and overcast. Rather, it will cast a bad light on your home. When it’s sunny outdoors, though, visitors will instantly sense the warmth and vacation vibe.