December 5, 2022

Write for us

Are you interested in contributing a post to our blog as a guest writer? Here is the information that you must have!

General Guidelines

• All posts must be at least 600 words long and of an exceptionally high standard.

• You must own all of the content that you submit, it must be original, and it must not have been published anywhere else in any form.

• The title of your post should be engaging or attention-grabbing, and it should be optimized for search engines.

• The subject matter of the content should correspond to the overall theme of our website.

• The information presented could be derived from research, facts, or even personal experience.

• The content needs to cover the topic in depth for us to accept it because we do not accept incomplete content.

• We reserve the right to edit, modify, or reject sections of the article at our discretion if we feel that it does not meet the quality standards that we have set for ourselves.

• The post must not contain any promotional content.

Technical Guidelines

• Your post needs to revolve around at least one target keyword that receives a significant amount of search volume on Google.

• None of your links may include a keyword or page that is in direct competition with the material that is already available.

• The no-follow tag will be added to all of the links.

• You are required to provide a source whenever you quote the work of another person.

• We do not permit the submission of posts that contain links to irrelevant websites or blogs.

• We do not permit the submission of posts that contain affiliate links.

Visualizations And Infographics

• The draught is required to have a header image as well as a minimum of two images or infographics.

• Include a citation for each image source, along with a link to that source’s website, in the same document.

• Before making any references on social media, you are required to obtain written permission from the administrators of the accounts.

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